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Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services

Get Well, Stay Well

Usually, occupational health is a collection of services which can be rolled out in order to protect your employees, it helps with the protection of physical health, mental health and is more of a preventative method of working with your employees. Aimed at assisting employees with their health and wellbeing, you will also be able to reduce the risk of sickness absence and maintain each individuals health by working together. With full comprehension of how Pinches can help you, you will also be able to highlight any members of staff who may potentially suffer from work-related illnesses. We can help them overcome their illness and by working together help stop these illnesses from manifesting again in the future.


Every business should have a robust occupational health programme, here at Pinches Medical & Wellbeing we can take care of that programme for you.

Pinches services include:

Review of candidate Pre-Placement Questionnaires
General occupational health referrals
Night worker assessments
Forklift truck assessments
Vaccinations – including flu
Travel vaccinations
Travel advice clinics
Ill health retirement assessments
Health promotion and wellbeing advice
Smoking cessation advice
Dietician/nutritional advice
Get Well/Stay Well – Health Assessments
GP services

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