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Pinches Medical Vaccination Clinic - Dedicated to providing high-quality travel advice. We have a passion for travel, especially travelling safely and we pride ourselves on our quality of service. We provide a full range of services, support and assistance, before, and after your trip including: travel vaccinations, travel medicine and travel injections. Whether you need medicine for Africa or vaccinations for India, a rabies vaccine or a yellow fever vaccination our specialist travel healthcare nurses are here to help.
Shingles vaccination, 'Zostavax'
**Winter 19/20: Please note that there is currently a national shortage of the Shingles vaccination, 'Zostavax'** We have a waiting list for this vaccination; please call for more information and future availability.
Childhood Vaccinations - Hep B now available
Children vaccinated before August 2017 did NOT receive Hepatitis B as part of the NHS childhood inoculation suite. Please contact Pinches Reception to arrange for your child to receive this vaccination.

Travel Vaccinations

Ask for a travel risk assessment appointment
Whatever your destination or purpose for travel, Pinches can support you with specialist advice. With guidance from our expertly trained nursing staff, you can ensure you receive any appropriate vaccinations and medications to cover you for your trip.
In addition to routine vaccinations, Pinches Medical and Wellbeing is also registered as a designated Yellow Fever vaccination centre.
Making sure your trip is as safe and healthy as possible is all part of the service at Pinches.
A travel consultation costs £30, which is redeemable against the cost of any vaccines administered.

Price for full course (£)
Travel risk assessment FREE if vaccinations administered   30
Tick Borne Encephalitis (3 doses) 140
Cholera (oral vaccine – 2 doses)   45
Japanese Encephalitis (2 doses) 180
Hepatitis A (2 doses)   50
Hepatitis B (3 doses)   65
Hepatitis A & B (3 doses) 190
Hepatitis A & Typhoid   70
Hepatitis A Paediatric (2 doses)   70
Hepatitis B Paediatric (3 doses) 105
Hepatitis A & B Paediatric (3 doses) 120
Rabies (3 doses) 200
Typhoid injection   35
Yellow Fever   75

Childhood Inoculations

We also offer common children’s vaccinations. If there is a vaccine or inoculation not listed please enquire for availability.

Price for full course (£)
Chicken Pox (2 doses) 105
HPV – Gardasil (3 doses)
HPV – Gardasil (2 doses)
Boys 15 years and above – 3 doses
Boys under 15 years and girls – 2 doses
MMR (2 doses) 40
Influenza injection   15
Meningitis B (per dose) 130
Meningitis ACWY 60
Pneumovax – Pneumococcal vaccination for over 5’s 50
Prevenar – Pneumococcal vaccination for under 5’s 50
Revaxis (diphtheria, tetanus, inactivated polio) 45

Other Available Treatments

We also offer Hayfever (Kenalog) injection and B12 treatment where these have been recommended by a doctor. This means you may need to book a GP consultation prior to receiving treatment. If there is a vaccine not listed please enquire for availability.

Price (£)
Hayfever (Kenalog) 60
Vitamin B12 injection 20


To book an appointment please call our team on 01625 704 777

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