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How is Pinches responding to the current situation?

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The 2 most important pieces of advice currently are:

Stay away from other people (complete social distancing/isolation)

Wash your hands

In this article we outline how Pinches are responding to the current COVID19 situation.

What is Pinches Medical & Wellbeing doing to help?

Private GP and Nurse appointments:

Following the Government announcement this evening that they would like us all to remain in our homes as much as at all possible we have taken the decision to stop face-to-face appointments at this time. This means all appointment will be virtual consultations (telephone or video appointments).

We can arrange for your prescriptions to be emailed directly to the pharmacy and pharmacies are offering deliveries to limit the amount of social contact needed.

Call this number if you would like to make an appointment:

01625 704 777

Click here to register for someone from our Reception team to contact you:

Contacting our members:

We are prioritising contacting the higher risk members of our Pinches community to make sure they have the correct guidance and advice. If you have attended Pinches Medical for a consultation we will be following up with you and if have agreed to be contacted via email or telephone you will receive contact from us in the next week or so. Please reach out to us in the meantime if you have any concerns.

COVID19 intelligence:

Our staff are constantly monitoring for updates to the research and will make sure we give the latest advice. The Clinical Director (Dr Jones) will be making regular updates to the website as we learn anything new.

Vaccine against COVID19:

Unfortunately there is currently no vaccine available to protect from COVID19. We understand there are some hurdles to developing this and we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you any information when we can.

There are also no effective treatments. There is a lot of work ongoing to find some and we will let you know if we hear about anything apart from supportive therapies (oxygen and ventilation).

Testing for COVID19:

When Public Health England stopped routine community testing for COVID19 Pinches Medical & Wellbeing identified an antibody test that can be performed in your own home, as we recognise the importance of testing to identify those infected and immune. However, we are pleased to hear that the Government has committed to using this test and has ordered millions. We do not wish to in any way interfere with stocks for the NHS. We have therefore stopped this offer and will honour any existing orders only.

Home deliveries of wholesome food:

We had partnered with the Art Café in Charles Roe House to deliver meals to people in the local area so that they can enjoy the same high quality food in their own homes.

So sorry – due to necessary precautionary isolating by staff this delivery service has been stopped.

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How is Pinches responding to the current situation?

In this article we outline how Pinches is responding to the current COVID19 situation.

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