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Quitting smoking may be one of the biggest challenges you will face


In follow up to the recent National No Smoking Day, some of you may have stopped smoking but by now you may be finding it tough to stay motivated, and some of you may still be considering giving up. Here are a few facts to hopefully keep you motivated (or get you motivated!) to push on through the cravings:

  • Did you know that cigarette smoking is the single most important cause of premature death in the UK? And yet it is preventable!
  • Whats more, more than a quarter of all cancer deaths are caused by smoking.
  • Most people know about the increased risk of long-term health problems and death due to heart disease, lung disease and stroke….But did you know that smoking also increases your risk of painful stomach ulceration, silent but potentially life-threatening aortic aneurysm, poor circulation leading to limb ulceration, blindness, impotence, infertility, skin wrinkling, depression and osteoporosis….and the list goes on!
  • And have you considered the impact of passive smoking? Globally, about 600,000 deaths a year are caused by second-hand smoke.
  • The impact on children can be significant. Children exposed to environmental tobacco smoke are at increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, lung disease and all forms of infections, including meningitis.
  • Not to mention setting the right example… children living with parents who smoke are almost three times more likely to smoke than those that don’t.

Don’t be discouraged though if you have tried to give up and not been successful.  Our doctors and nurses at Pinches Medical & Wellbeing would be delighted to talk you through the various quitting strategies and work with you to tailor a plan to suit your individual circumstances and wider health needs.

There is substantial evidence to show that a combination of drug treatment (such as nicotine replacement) alongside professional support significantly increases cessation rates, as well as long-term abstinence from smoking. So if you are struggling to do this alone there is another way!

For more helpful tips on quitting smoking, click here.

Good luck and stay motivated!

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