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Core Services

Our aim is to work with you to maximise your health.

We offer a traditional GP service with a difference: we take the time to really listen to you, to work closely with you and to make a health plan that fits with your life and your plans.

Phone 01625 704 777 to talk to us about your needs

Premium General Practice

Get Well

When you need it most ...
GPs available 6 days a week with early morning and evening appointments
How it should be ...
Your own personal doctor
Your medication available immediately ...
Onsite Dispensary

From illness to injury, Get Well gets you the help you need.

  • A GP appointment of 15 or 30 minutes as required
  • Management of acute conditions
  • Efficient consultation for an ongoing problem
  • See a qualified GP with time to listen to you and advise you appropriately
  • Medication review and prescription for ongoing conditions
Preventative Health Planning

Stay Well

When you need it most ...
Appointments available 6 days a week
How it should be ...
Long-term partnership for health improvement
Our objective ...
Optimise your current and future health

Chronic conditions avoided, managed and/or resolved, Stay Well gets you the help you need.

  • Longer appointments (60-90minutes) designed to tackle chronic health issues
  • Full initial medical history and examination
  • A focus on the lifestyle measures that can positively impact your health
  • Leading to a tailored health plan to improve your long-term health

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